Mandatory Orientation has been rescheduled to Thursday morning at 8:00am. Drive safely and we will see you then.


February 17th -20th, 2021

In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:4,5

Registration Opens: February 1st at 12:00pm MST
Registration Closes: February 5th at 10:00pm MST
Script Submission Closes: February 12th at 11:00pm MST

All scripts MUST be submitted electronically!

All scripts must be submitted by the deadline to avoid a late fee of $20/script. All scripts must be approved by Script Submission staff by February 16. Scripts not in compliance by this date will be dropped from that event with no refund.

Tournament Location

Hilltop Baptist Church
6915 Palmer Park Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Be Aware

All CST competitors and family members are expected to be respectful of Hilltop staff. Please show your deepest respect for Hilltop Baptist's hospitality by following the child supervision guidelines:

  • Children may not be unsupervised in the building.
  • Our facilities staff will be enforcing this policy.

Events Offered

  • Team Policy Debate
  • Lincoln Douglas Value Debate
  • Parliamentary Debate
  • 11 Stoa Sanctioned Speech Events
  • Senior Impromptu: 16 - 18 years old
  • Novice Impromptu: 12 - 15 years old

This is a NITOC Modeled Tournament

All Stoa USA Event Rules and Dress Code will be followed.
See Stoa link below.


Tournament Director:
Colleen Enos

Tournament Registrar:
Deb Buster -

Parent Judge Administrator:
Karla Stephenson -

Community Judge Administrator:
Tammy Klimek -


All Parliamentary Debate Preliminary Rounds and Extemporaneous Speaking Preliminary Rounds will run on Wednesday.

Registration Guidelines and Information

Participants must be Stoa members in order to compete in Stoa tournaments. Stoa membership will not be offered onsite. For information on becoming a member of Stoa, please go to Stoa Registration.

A completed Centennial State Tournament registration includes:

  • Stoa Membership

  • Student Registration

  • Parent Judge Registration (please read info below)

  • Payment via Stripe (see details during registration process)

  • A Team Policy Team, Parli Team or Duo Team is not considered registered unless BOTH PARTNERS are registered and paid* - Spots can be given to other Teams that register later if both of their partners register and pay, before previously signed up paid single partners register the other partner and pay.

Upon registering you are affirming STOA eligibility, and agreeing to abide by all STOA dress code requirements and STOA speech and debate rules. See the website for details:
Stoa USA


Team Policy Debate (per person): $40

Lincoln Douglas Debate (per person): $40

Parliamentary Debate (per person): $40

Family Registration Fee: $15

Individual Speech Event (IE) Competitor: $40.00 for first 3 IE's; $15 for each additional IE; limit of 6 IE's per competitor

After FEBRUARY 5th each added or dropped event will require an extra $15 fee, payable on the tournament website registration.

Payments made after the registration close date and time will incur A LATE FEE OF $30 in addition to the other charges.

Refund Policy

Before registration closes we will refund registration minus a $20 processing fee.
After registration closes no refunds will be made.
All refund, add, or drop requests must be submitted by e-mail to Deb Buster at

Judging Needs

In order to provide competitors with varied feedback from a broad range of judges, we seek to include community, parent, and alumni judges. Each speech round in the tournament will require approximately 50-60 judges. Each debate round will require about 30 judges.

Parent Judges

Please see the Tab at the left.

Community Judges

Please see the Tab at the left.

Alumni Judges

Please see the Tab at the left.

  • Judges should arrive at the tournament for check-in 45 minutes prior to their scheduled round. Judge Orientation/Training will be provided before each round.

Student and Parent Check-in Procedures

See side Schedule Tab for Check-in times.

Check-in Wednesday evening will be followed by a Mandatory Tournament Orientation. All students are expected to attend.


All competitors must be chaperoned by someone 21 years or older. If a parent will not be on site, a signed medical release form (see left menu tab) must be provided for the chaperone. All chaperones need to be willing to judge. Sorry, no un-chaperoned competitors allowed.