February 14th -17th, 2018

Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life. Proverbs 4:23

For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. Matthew 12:34b

Registration Opens: *
*Registration Closes: *
*Script Submission Closes: *
All scripts MUST be submitted electronically!
Due to the number of events and rounds, we do not have time for on site script submission. If you do not get your script approved and need to bring your printed scripts for approval at tournament check-in there will be a $10 fee.

Tournament Location

First Southern Baptist Church
1409 Palmer Park Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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*Check Out the Tab at the Left

Events Offered

  • Team Policy Debate
  • Lincoln Douglas Value Debate
  • Parliamentary Debate
  • 12 Stoa Sanctioned Speech Events
  • Senior Impromptu: 16 - 18 years old
  • Novice Impromptu: 12 - 15 years old

This is a NITOC Modeled Tournament

All Stoa USA Event Rules and Dress Code will be followed.
See Stoa link below.


Tournament Director:
Colleen Enos - enosmom@gmail.com

Tournament Registrar:
Michele Seffens - michele@theseffens.com

Parent Judge Administrator:
Jill Han - thehanscolorado@gmail.com

Community Judge Administrator:
Tammy Klimek - klimekcolorado@gmail.com


All Parliamentary Debate Preliminary Rounds and Extemporaneous Speaking Preliminary Rounds will run on Wednesday.

Registration Guidelines and Information

Participants must be Stoa members in order to compete in Stoa tournaments. Stoa membership will not be offered onsite. For information on becoming a member of Stoa, please go to Stoa Registration.

A completed Centennial State Tournament registration includes:

  • Stoa Membership

  • Student Registration

  • Parent Judge Registration (please read info below)

  • Timer Registration (please read info below)

  • Payment via Paypal or Stripe (see details during registration process)

Upon registering you are affirming STOA eligibility, and agreeing to abide by all STOA dress code requirements and STOA speech and debate rules. See the website for details:
Stoa USA


Team Policy Debate (per person): $40.00

Lincoln Douglas Debate (per person): $40.00

Parliamentary Debate (per person): $40.00

Individual Speech Event (IE) Competitor: $40.00 for first 3 IE's; $15 for each additional IE; limit of 6 IE's per competitor

After FEBRUARY 4 each added or dropped event will require an extra $15 fee, payable by cash or check at the tournament check-in.

Payments made after the registration close date and time will incur A LATE FEE OF $30 in addition to the other charges.

Refund Policy

Before registration closes we will refund registration minus a $15 processing fee.
After registration closes no refunds will be made.
All refund, add, or drop requests must be submitted by e-mail to Michele Seffens at michele@theseffens.com.


We welcome all parent judges to enjoy a snack from the hospitality table in the Judge Lounge during the times you are judging, but it is necessary for all family members to either purchase meal tickets or bring their own food. If providing your own meals, please only bring already-prepared items that can be stored in coolers until consumed, as no cooking or heating of foods will be available. No Crock-pots are allowed. There will be space in the Student Lounge to store small coolers brought from home.

Community judges are always provided meals and snacks in the judge area.

The lunch and dinner menus can be viewed by clicking on the Menu Tab at the left. These meals are available to pre-purchase during your online registration process.

Lunches are $6
Dinners are $7
Parent Meal Package $27 (Meals for the duration of the tournament)
Add $1 more for each meal purchased at the tournament

Judging Needs

In order to provide competitors with varied feedback from a broad range of judges, we seek to include community, parent, and alumni judges. Each speech round in the tournament will require approximately 70 judges. Each debate round will require about 40 judges.

Parent Judges

Parent Judging slots will be capped at a maximum level depending upon the number of students registered in the family. Please see the Parent Judge page for the maximums.

Parents of registrants are required to judge at the tournament. The judging requirement is based on the student's number of speech and debate events. If the judging requirement cannot be met by a competitor's parent(s), the competitor can arrange for a substitute judge(s) to fulfill the requirement. Please email if you need to make such arrangements.

All IE Competitors are required to provide a judge for a minimum of two (2) rounds for every IE event they are registered for. For example, if you register for three (3) IE events, then you are required to provide judges for a minimum of six (6) rounds.

TP and LD Debate Competitors are required to provide a judge for three (3) rounds.

Parli Debaters are required to provide a judge for two (2) rounds.

Clubs are encouraged to work together to fulfill the judging requirements for their members.

If you live more than 60 miles away from the tournament and have questions about your parent judging slots, please contact our Parent Judge Administrator at the listed email above.

Community Judges

In order to complete our judging needs, we ask all competitors to recruit community judges. Competitors, please ask your neighbors, church friends, and relatives to contribute to your education by joining us as a judge. Remind them that we will provide any training necessary, and will have complimentary food available for them to enjoy. You can assure them that historically our community judges have loved their experiences at our tournaments.

For questions regarding Community Judge Registration please contact Tammy Klimek at klimekcolorado@gmail.com.

Alumni Judges

Alumni must be non-competitors, graduated and 18 years old by October 1, 2017. A student may not compete and judge within the same competition season. If you know of former competitors who have moved on to college, or have friends in the area, please invite them to sign up to judge as either alumni judges or as a community judge, under the "Judge Registration" tab.

  • Judges should arrive at the tournament for check-in 45 minutes prior to their scheduled round. Judge Orientation/Training will be provided before each round.

Student and Parent Check-in Procedures

Please see schedule (left menu tab) for check-in times.

Mandatory student and parent check-in is on Wednesday evening to verify registered events and parent judging slots.  A student will not be considered checked-in on the day of the tournament unless the parent is checked-in.

Check-in Wednesday evening will be followed by a Mandatory Tournament Orientation. All students are expected to attend.

Timekeeper Requirements

We ask that you provide a volunteer who will participate as a timekeeper. Timekeeper training will be provided throughout the tournament. Timekeepers must be at least 10 years old to time and registered under the Timer Registration tab.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

LD competitors will be expected to time the other flight in their room each round.


All competitors must be chaperoned by someone 21 years or older. If a parent will not be on site, a signed medical release form (see left menu tab) must be provided for the chaperone. All chaperones need to be willing to judge and/or time. Sorry, no un-chaperoned competitors allowed.

Snow Policy

Tournament will go forward if at all possible. If inclement weather interrupts the tournament, we will resume as soon as possible. Please check this registration website for weather updates during the tournament. We apologize, but no refunds will be made for weather-related cancellations.