Rocky Mountain STOA Proudly Announces the

Annual Sandra Bateman

Community Service Award

Nominations are Due by February 5, 2020, 11:59PM (MST)

Cash Awards to the Top Two Entries

First place $200, Second place $100

This award recognizes STOA students for taking their speech training and skills outside of the Stoa boundaries and into their own communities in order to take their messages of hope to the general public with eloquence and grace. This recognition of community service may lead to scholarships and employment opportunities.

Applicants may list activities such as volunteer work for political campaigns, Sunday school, museums, libraries, legislatures, non-profit organizations, etc. Not eligible are activities in support of speech/debate clubs, tournaments in which you were a competitor, nor activities for which you received compensation.

Provide a short descriptive paragraph for each activity. You may list more than one activity in your submission as long as you provide a separate description and accounting of hours for each activity. Remember, your writing should communicate as well as your speaking.

All activities/hours must have been accumulated between
February 2, 2019 and February 1, 2020.

Note that applications may also be submitted by parents, coaches,
or others that have knowledge of a speaker’s activity.


Judges will evaluate entries on the service activity’s creativity and its impact on the community. Judges will be given the age and gender of each applicant, but not their names. Judges’ rankings will be totaled together to determine the winners. Decisions are final.