Mars Hill Impromptu

We will use the topics posted on the Stoa website for this tournament.

Description: The competitor uses books, movies, and other genre to discuss the appeal and impact of the theme(s) within the topic, holding them up in light of Christian truth found in the Bible

Goals: The competitor learns to identify truth common to the human condition within popular culture, using those truths to find common ground. The competitor will discuss Christian truths on a conversational, personal level in hopes of encouraging ongoing conversation of spiritual truth.

The competitor should not make assumption that the audience is familiar with Biblical concepts; therefore, any Biblically referenced stories, illustrations, terminology, etc., should be explained in enough depth to make the intended application understood by an individual without prior knowledge of the Bible.

Recommendation: This event is intended for competitors 14 and older or with the consent of their parents due to mature themes in some topics.

To read more about the Mars Hill Rules click on the links below:

Mars Hill Impromptu Rules