Script Submission

Script Submission Closes: Wednesday, February 6th at 10:00pm
All scripts MUST be submitted electronically!
Due to the number of events and rounds, we do not have time for on site script submission.

In order for your Centennial State Tournament registration to be complete, there is a

Failure to comply means a $20 fee per script for on-site script submission.

Electronic Script Submission seeks to avoid 11th hour stress for a competitor in such cases where improper use of published works, and citing of sources could result in delays for you and staff at the tournament. Electronically submitting gets those issues fixed before the tournament as well as speeding up the check-in process. It's simple and will remove an extra line (and extra stress!) during on-site check-in. Here's how to do it!

Rapid Review and Approve Video

For Script Submission forms and guidelines please refer to Platform Speech and Interpretative Speech Submission Forms at the Stoa website

Scanned items must include the following:

* All files must be uploaded in .PDF format. No zipped or shared files will be accepted.

* Script Submission forms: Physically signed and initialed

* Typed Script

* Interp originals: Easy to read, pages are right side up, and highlighting clearly shown in the scanned originals. (searchable PDF allows for easy highlighting)

For your file name please use: Last name, First name-Event

Example: Doe, John-Persuasive

If you do not use this file naming we will not know who to credit.

Upload your completed script submission materials at: Upload Link

You may select all your files to upload at once, no need to do one at a time. Once you upload your file(s) the screen will state: 'Upload Complete - upload another?' - you have successfully submitted your file(s). No other notice will be sent.

Script approval: After a script submission approval has been sent to you from the approval team, print the approval email and have it available.

The cut-off for electronic script submission will be 10:00pm, Wednesday, February 6th. No electronic scripts will be accepted after this time. But no need to wait, upload your files now!

No printed copies of scripts are required unless you make any changes to your script after electronic submission has closed. If you have changed a script, you will need to have your script re-approved at the tournament.


  1. Please go over the checklists on the script submission forms with your coach or parent before sending us your material.
  2. Please double-check the current rules for script submission on the Stoa website

For any questions regarding script submission contact: